Written Agreements

Written agreements, or contracts, between client and developer are important in making clear the obligations of each party. The written agreement should limits the consequences of settling any disagreement at a later stage could be affect the project in terms of time lost, cost and loss of good will.

If the client is commissioning an original piece of work, then the written agreement should deal with

If the client is licensing an existing work, then the written agreement (or licence) should deal with Covering how the work will be used: to shop and play in public, to broadcast, to transmit across a network

Turner Kenneth Brown, Solicitors (1994) recommend a period of acceptance testing for the client to test the product's performance (approximately 30 days is usual). Failure to test promptly or using the software for anything other than testing could be taken as a client's acceptance by implication. The contract should also specify the consequences if the software does not work as it should.


Turner Kenneth Brown, Solicitors (1994), "The Long Arm of the Law", Business & Technology Magazine, Issue No. ?, pp.25-26